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Marcus Peterson: CIA
A Romantic Suspense Collection
(Marcus Peterson Books 1-3)

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My Story

Larry Andrews is referred to by his friends as a true renaissance man. Of Danish/Swedish ancestry, he developed a mastery of skills in multiple fields and disciplines over the years. Following military service, a career in aerospace would be shaped from the early days of rocketry through the launching of communication satellites and the moon landing. After a career as a rocket scientist and aerospace program manager, he taught graduate courses at the University of Southern California. He assisted in the establishment of an ISO committee for Space Operations and became the Chair of the U.S. delegation, traveling to many of the space-faring nations. His aerospace backround is reflected in his early Romantic/SciFi novel A Space Oddity. He has become an avid worldwide traveler and his novels reflect heavily on the locations, people and cultures he is exposed to.  Larry hopes you will enjoy reading his works which capture and apply his story-telling and vivid conversational skills that make his books come alive. Building on romance and intrigue, he combines tension, suspense, and surprise within a vivid travelogue adventure. This is certainly true in his latest romantic/crime/adventure novels The Caribbean Endeavor and Terror in Tuscany. They are the beginning of a series reflecting the adventures of young CIA agent Marcus Peterson.

My Books


My Books
My Books

Book Venues

All of my books feature places I have traveled to, view some of those venues here:

featured in "A Space Oddity"
featured in "A Caribbean endeavor"
featured in "Terror in Tuscany"
featured in "Mayhem in Monterey"
Book Venues

Space adventure, forbidden passion, deception and foreign intrigue.

Dealing with what happened in space and its potential impact on their lives on earth will challenge Russian cosmonaut commander Misha Sokolov, and French cosmonaut Dr. Babette Bescond. Misha, his career in jeopardy must protect Babette from adversarial American scientists. Babette must determine if infatuation brings true love while dealing with a perceived family deception. Will their travels through France and Russia bond their relationship or will it be shattered by an unforeseen tragic event?

If you liked Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’ or the TV series ‘Extant’ with Halle Berry, you are bound to enjoy Larry Andrews fast reading, exciting, 180 page novel with three-dimensional characters and a twist you won't see coming.

Get ‘A Space Oddity’ and enjoy a visual journey through France and Russia with two pursued fascinating individuals.

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