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A Space Oddity

 It's 1995 and returning cosmonauts Babette and Misha face a tumultuous three weeks of travel passion deception and foreign intrigue---testing the relationship that was forbidden from the start.  'A Space Oddity' depicts the romantic entanglement of the professional and personal lives of Dr. Babette Bescond and commander Misha Sokolov which could impact their careers.  You will follow their Shuttle Endeavor rescue from Russian space station Mir, a debriefing at a famed Colorado Springs hotel, and travel via New York to their respective home countries.  Considered as heroes, the French Space Scientist and Russian Commander are unexpectedly reunited in Russia where they delve into a Russian family secret-life backdrop never imagined. Concurrently, the International Scientific community is seeking conformation of the discovery that procreation in space is possible and sets competing countries on different agendas to gain firsthand information on the developing fetus that may exist. International threats to the couple lead to continued romantic and scientific fiction adventures. In this 180 page novel by author Larry Andrews, you are bound to enjoy a fast exciting read.

The Caribean Endeavor

Newbie CIA agents on a fledgling operational assignment aboard a cruise ship; unexpectedly encounter romance, conspiracy, and murder.


CIA agents Marcus Peterson and Jenna Adams, posing as newlyweds embark on the Golden Duchess for a Caribbean cruise. They are assigned to shadow Franco Gambioni, notorious New York mafia Don suspected of partnering with a Colombian drug cartel.


To Jenna’s dismay his beautiful and cunning daughter entices both Marcus and Franco’s bodyguard, who turns out to be a childhood friend of Marcus. An attractive Interpol agent, masquerading as a tour guide, arrives on the ship to further complicate the romantic entanglements.


Discovery of more than one cartel interested in utilizing Franco’s family for drug distribution, and their heinous antics brings murder and deception to the drama that enfolds throughout the cruise. The read provides twists and turns right to the end.

You should really ask David about The Caribbean Endeavor. He covers it well for his followers.

Terror in Tuscany

Deception, murder, and romance transpire as CIA, MI6, and Interpol agents confront the Mafia in the Italian wine country.


A sudden, unexplained tourist’s death in Venice triggers the investigation of an atrocious crime being perpetrated at a famous winery in San Gimignano. The Cosa Nostra and a Colombian drug cartel have devised a new way to smuggle cocaine into the US, the UK, and France.

His first operational endeavor in the Caribbean completed, CIA Agent Marcus Peterson, is teamed with MI6 Agent Leo Harris and Interpol Agent Martina Bufalino in a joint investigative mission with the Italian Central Directorate for Anti-Drug Services. They soon discover that a local Mafia family is endeavoring to assassinate Marcus, at the request of a New York city crime family. With romantic entanglements and a Mafia price on his head, will Marcus survive and accomplish his mission?

The adventures of these agents as they strive to survive in their perilous investigative mission play havoc in the normally tranquil and festive area of Tuscany.

This is how David covers Terror in Tuscany for his followers.

Terror in Tuscany Front.jpg

CIA Agents Marcus and Jenna Peterson studying Asian languages at the Presidio in Monterey, while still targets of a New York Mafia crime family, are put to the test with an undercover assignment monitoring a smuggling operation involving a local Mexican Mafia’s family yacht. The capable and alluring daughter of the high-ranking member of the crime family, master of the yacht Spirit, honors family expectations while pursuing her own passions. Marcus and Jenna attempt to remain undercover facing challenges of passion, deadly crime, and survival. 

(Marcus Peterson Books 1-3)

Marcus Peterson novels are fast-paced stories that sequence Marcus through tests and trials of early career and social existence. Does he have what it takes to live this life that he has chosen.
As a recent college graduate entering the world of work, Marcus Peterson joins the CIA with anticipation of great adventures ahead. He is spotted by leadership for potential and given his first real assignment, a Caribbean cruise, teamed with agent Jenna Adams. Though pleasurable for personal reasons, his task becomes more than mere observation of the goings-on of a New York Mafia family and a Colombian drug cartel that ultimately thrust them into situations of danger. This is followed by a partnership with MI 6 and Interpol Agents in a joint investigative mission in beautiful Tuscan wine country. When returned to the states and assigned on the west coast for language learning skills for a future Asian assignment, Marcus unexpectedly receives an additional under cover assignment working with the CIA, the FBI and local police. Smitten with yachting onboard the Spirit, he finds himself still dealing with the criminality of drugs, along with other illegal activities involving the Mexican Mafia and the Chinese. All through this set of three novels, Marcus is continually tested as to his street sense, career development, pursuits of passion, and challenges of deadly crime and survival. Stay with Marcus as he realizes the danger of his chosen field and the cost he must pay for his decisions.

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