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A Birthday Cruise part 2

We were finally packed and ready to proceed to the airport when a brief check of the news while waiting for our cab filled us with horror. It was reported that there would be a layoff flight controllers and scheduled flights could be delayed. Oh my God what if we miss the ship?

Luckily all went well with the flight and we were able to board the ship early, settling into our cabin, finding places for all those clothes and sundries that just had to accompany us. I was sure all was not needed but what has need got to do with it? If it fits and we are not over weight it goes.

Cruising provides for a unique traveling experience. You are thrust into close living with 1700 perfect strangers from all walks of life and several different countries. This could be intimidating, but then when realizing you may never see these people again, all inhibitions are thrown to the wind and you recognize this has the potential of being an exciting encounter.

We are on our first day out and I become convinced my wife is a Jekyll and Hyde. Our normal lifestyle includes rising early three times a week and going to the health club for exercise and this is often coupled with her having a multitude of excuses for why this day she should stay in bed.

However, here we are on a cruise, a vacation right? And what? She has us getting up before light. “Why are we getting up in the middle of the night?” I ask.

” Oh we have to do our mile on the treadmill before we go for our session on abs and then the stretching class.” She responds. I am sure that night cap we had before retiring has affected her sanity.

As soon as the session starts I become convinced that the trainer is a contortionist in disguise. Not only that, I immediately become aware that his goal is to make us all contortionist as well.

“Do a bridge.” He commands.

What is this? a bridge I drive over I don’t do. OMG I’ll never be able to use those muscles again.

We are on vacation. Why must we torture ourselves?

Finally it's over, and I get my prize, breakfast at Sabatini’s and at least one or two Mimosas. Orange juice is healthy, right?

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